Why the reversing camera is becoming a standard car accessory

June 24th, 2013 in Car Products

Vehicle safety and reversing camera specialist, Vision Techniques, is here to show you why this simple tool is becoming so popular.

For modern drivers, it’s now expected…you go into reverse gear and you’ll hear a bleep from your vehicle’s reversing sensors. Some assume they’re already installed in modern cars as standard, until they hear a costly crunch originating from their back bumper.

If you drive frequently, it’s worth considering vehicle reversing sensors to make it easier, less expensive, less risky and more precise.

But these days, there’s another tool in the driver’s safety kit to make life much easier – the reversing camera.

Recently, Ford revealed that this particular piece of kit had become the fastest growing driver aid. Whether a private owner or a business it seems everyone is noticing the benefits of this rear view live TV screen.

In Europe, a whopping 55,000 people bought Ford cars with reversing camera systems last year (2012), 11,000 of which were sold in the UK! With 38,000 Ford cars with reversing cameras sold the previous year the figures were nearly 50% up.

Not only is it the fastest-growing driver option in the Ford range as well as being the third best selling car gadgets. And you don’t know the benefits of owning a reversing camera, you should be. And if you’re car doesn’t have one as standard, you should get one…

Eyes in the back of your head

Parking can be a difficult, stressful task, but it can be made easy with reversing technology. According to Ford, reversing camera technology driver assistance technologies really do make a difference in day-to-day driving.

With many modern cars bigger than ever before, you simply don’t have enough vision around the vehicle anymore.

The most obvious problem is during a reversing manoeuvre. Although sensors detect large obstacles, only a camera gives you total confidence that you are reversing properly. You will be able to see those fast-reversing drivers who are about to run into the back of you.

More carmakers and technology companies are offering reversing cameras with prices starting at about £200-£300.

Occasional they have in-built Sat Navs to make life even easier.

Obvious benefits

Decreased likelihood of vehicle damage…With a reversing camera, you can negotiate your way around walls, parked vehicles and various other annoyances. Although the camera can be cost money up front, it may save you thousands in repairs.

More safety…Combined with the reversing sensors and warning alarms, you will be notice pedestrians and/or cyclists that are hidden for your view.

Disprove false claims…there are some dishonest people around, but a vehicle camera can give concrete proof that an accident wasn’t your fault. You’ll need to invest in one that has a recording facility though.