Glove Compartment Essentials by The Car Buying Service

June 7th, 2013 in Car Safety

Back in the days when cars didn’t have roofs, glove boxes were designed to hold the scarves, goggles and, yep, gloves that drivers needed to protect themselves from the elements.

But, now that we don’t need to worry so much about the weather (well, at least not when we’re inside the car…), we’re free to use our glove compartment to hold a whole host of other things that can make driving easier for us. But are you making good use of yours? The Car Buying Service talks us through just a few of the essentials you should keep in your glove box.

Proof of insurance

If you’re involved in an accident, it’s really useful to have a copy of your insurance details to hand.

Driving license

Most of us carry our driving license card with us, but be sure to stow the paper part in your glove box too, just in case the police ever need to see it – it’ll save you a trip to the police station later on.

Details of your breakdown cover

Keep your policy number and the contact phone number for your provider with you and you’ll never find yourself stranded.

Owner’s manual

If a mystery light on your dashboard starts flashing, you’ll want to know what it means as soon as possible… Owner’s manuals can be hefty, but they’re definitely worth taking along.

A map

OK, we’ve all got sat navs and mobile phones to help us find our way, but a good old fashioned map could save the day if a flat battery lets you down – keep both a local and national one in your glove box.

Notepad and pen

Handy for writing down directions, or contact details in the event of an accident.

First aid kit

Hopefully you’ll never need it, but a first aid kit’s a must to treat any sudden cuts, scrapes, aches or pains.


If you end up caught in traffic or breakdown, a non-melting snack (like a cereal bar) and a drink of water are always good to have. Don’t keep bottles of water in your glove box for too long, though, as it’ll turn pretty nasty tasting after a while.


Glare can make driving difficult, even in winter, so make sure you’ve got a spare pair of sunglasses nearby all year round.

A torch

A torch is a must-have if you need to explore under the bonnet, or if you break down at night. Make sure you check the batteries are still working once in a while.

Tissues or napkins

From wiping up spills to, umm, wiping your nose, a small pack of tissues or napkins will sort you out in many sticky situations.

And one last thing: if you ever decide to sell your car, make sure you give the glove compartment a good clean out – not forgetting the fuzzy sweets and forgotten change lurking at the bottom…