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May 14th, 2013 in Interesting Facts

Young rural drivers at risk

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Statistics from Road Safety Analysis show that young drivers living in rural areas are 37% more likely to have an injury from a crash than their urban counterparts.

The research has revealed some staggering facts about young rural drivers.


All young drivers are more likely to be injured in a crash, despite accounting for less than 20% of the population.

But, apparently, the research indicates that rural drivers are more than 60% more likely be involved in an accident than older ones.

The report blames this on more mileage driven, with 31% more miles on the clock than urban drivers. Other factors include road type and speed limits.

Dan Campsall, Director of Road Safety Analysis, said

“This is the first time that we have had a thorough examination of the risks to young drivers based on where they live, and the results are stark.

“Younger drivers from rural areas are much more likely to be involved in a crash where someone is injured, and we need to see a package of measures developed that can bring about a change. This may require investment in transport infrastructure, community bus schemes and further driver training to affect the inequality that these drivers are experiencing.”

Rural roads can be risky to drive on and young, inexperienced drivers are often over represented when it comes to collision statistics.

Our infographic takes the findings of this research and looks at young rural drivers in comparison to those in towns and urban areas.

Why are rural roads so dangerous?

Country roads clearly pose a threat to young drivers. Although there’s a relatively low amount of traffic, country roads are tricky to drive on, with tight fast corners, and potential water hazards and high speed limits.

An accident might occur because of over-confidence – It’s all too easy to miss a bump or misjudge a corner. An unexpected driver in the other direction or an unexpected obstacle is sure to cause a huge accident when mixed in with these factors.

How can good drivers avoid higher insurance premiums?

With an increased risk of collisions, young rural drivers face higher insurance premiums, no matter how good they are behind the wheel.

This is what has led to the rise of black box vehicle camera systems, which motorists can now place on their windscreen to prove they are good drivers to see a drop in insurance costs.

CrashCAM™ is positioned on the windscreen and will monitor factors like speed, acceleration and braking.

According to the British Insurers Brokers’ Association (BIBA), “black box” technology will knock around 25% to 30% off policies, which save drivers up to £1,000.

So, essentially, CrashCAM™ can see how well you are driving – the better the driver, the better the score, and the lower the insurance costs.

As well as a forward facing camera, you can place an optional second camera on the nearside blind spot to prove accidents aren’t your fault.

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