Why women make better car buyers than men

May 14th, 2013 in Interesting Facts

Very interesting article about why women make better car buyers than men, that Western Volkswagen have let us put up on our site:

Why women make better car buyers than men:

A recent survey has revealed that women feel they get a better deal than men when buying a used car.

The study, by HPI, the vehicle history checking firm, found that 43% of men were not completely satisfied with their last used car deal as opposed to only 35% of women, which suggests that female motorists might be making better buying decisions.

It also found that 51% of women consult a family member or friend who has some knowledge of cars before they enter the showroom, whereas men are reluctant to ask for advice, with only 27% taking along a knowledgeable friend.

“The survey suggests that men are more difficult to please, when it comes to used car buying and that they won’t take advice,” HPI’s Nicola Johnson said.  “In contrast, women are eager to take advice and prepare before checking out their options. This helps them make measured decisions and as a result, they are happy with their purchase.”