Motoring Law Advice, driving without insurance.

April 22nd, 2013 in Car Insurance Advice


Motoring Law Advice – Driving Without Insurance

I often see clients charged with driving without insurance.

The penalty for this offence is between 6-8 penalty points, which can easily put a client in the position of reaching 12 points and entering a totting up situation.

The difficulty with this offence is that it is often very harsh – the majority of people I speak to who are charged with this offence were not deliberately driving without insurance.  They often do not realize that their insurance policy has been cancelled. 

Unfortunately, mistakenly believing you are insured is not a defence.

So, when do you require representation for this offence?

·         When you are an employee driving a company vehicle for work business

·         When you were misled (by the insurance company or someone else; the person who should have paid your payments, for example) into believing you were insured

·         When you already have 6 or more points on your licence and will therefore be at risk of a totting up situation, where you would be disqualified from driving for 6 months

How can you avoid being in this situation?

·         Make sure that you keep on top of paperwork so that you know when insurance runs out

·         Make sure you know exactly what your insurance policy covers.  For example, does it cover you for driving to and from work?

·         Make sure you can access and open your post regularly.  If you will be staying away from your home address for a length of time, have a redirect set up so that important correspondence will still reach you.

·         Check that your insurance payments have left your bank account each month – don’t assume.

·         Respond to any requests for information from your insurance company quickly – failure to do this can allow them to cancel your policy.

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