Crash Catcher® In Vehicle Recorders by Steve

March 6th, 2013 in Car Products



When the good folk at MyCarGossip suggested that we write an article introducing Crash Catcher® to the website visitors, the first thought was “easy”. That lasted about ten seconds….

The next thought was how to go about it. Do we follow the well-trodden path of the male species by saying that it’s a gadget and, quoting the usual male retort, “women don’t get gadgets”, or shall we labour on the “girls need protecting” line?

At the end of the day, and believe me, as I write this it’s nearly the end, it was an easy call to make not to choose either. The simple definition of a Crash Catcher® is that it’s designed to help protect the motorist, by providing that all important evidence.

As with any kind of incident where cars are involved, often it will come down to one word against another, or, as insurance companies like to call them “50/50”. The majority of times this means that the true innocent has lost out on 50% of their costs for damage AND lost their No Claims Bonus to boot. We wrote an article a while ago suggesting that the loss to an innocent party of £1500 isn’t unreasonable. Add on the prevalence of bogus claims, crash for cash, cars racing traffic lights etc etc and you see a real need for having independent evidence to confirm what really happened. The old fashioned way was that someone would stop, give you their details, and agree to be your witness. These days that happens less and less frequently. There’s an example on the front page of our website. This happened in rush hour in one of our largest cities, and not one person stopped to be a witness.

So this is where Crash Catcher® comes in.

There’s two models to choose from, either the dashboard mounted CC2, or the rear view mirror camera CC3. Neither unit require any kind of driver interaction unless you really want to. The CC3 attaches over your existing rear view mirror, and the stand alone CC2 fixes to your windscreen with a sucker mount in the same way that a satnav does. Both cameras have the benefit of dual lens technology. You can record just the outside, just the inside, or both at the same time.

Once a power source is detected (the unit plugs into the lighter or auxiliary socket), the camera automatically turns on and starts recording. Easy!

All of the recordings are stamped with the time and date, which cannot be altered once recorded, and stored onto the removable memory card. If you want or need to, you can download the videos to your PC using the standard USB lead supplied, or play the back on your HDTV using the HDMI lead. Once the card is full, the camera then automatically starts to re-record over the oldest piece of footage.

There’s a wealth of other features such as Night Vision, 4 x zoom facility & audio recording if need be. A press of a button and both cameras also turn into 5MP still cameras.

There’s all sorts of people with all sorts of uses for a Crash Catcher® - we supply “ordinary” motorists, driving schools, taxi drivers, hauliers, private investigators. It all boils down to that one common aim, and that’s making sure that you have the evidence.

Please have a look at the website and feel free to ask any questions, because we really love questions!