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I'm sure most of us would agree that looking after a toddler is fun, but hard work. Whether we have kids ourselves or not, we've all witnessed a terrible two year old, screaming down the roof of the supermarket or disturbing the peace and quiet of the local park. A common reason for these tantrums is that kids don't get to do what they want — they seek more independence than adults can safely give them. 


When Sally Marlow's normally happy 18 month old daughter started to become agitated and upset before every car journey, she needed to find a solution. The reason for the misbehaviour was that Jess wanted to get in the car herself, but of course she wasn't big enough to reach the seat. So Mum and Dad, just like many others up and down the country, lifted her in. Sometimes kicking, screaming or crying, straining their backs, banging her head, and making everyone involved generally grumpy and stressed-out. Not what you want just before the school run traffic or a long car journey.


So Sally began looking for a solution — some sort of step that Jess could use to climb into the car seat herself. With no luck finding a product to buy, she started using a foot stool, the sort you put under the sink for kids to stand on and brush their teeth. However it was getting in the way, taking up space in foot well — plus of course it wasn't secure, wobbling precariously when Jess tried to use it. So Sally resolved to make something herself, and discovered an hidden creative streak.


Two years on, and Jess is almost too big for My Car Step, but Sally's business is growing fast. The product she came up with is as simple as it is genius. A single piece of plastic, it slides underneath the child's car seat, creating a secure and discreet step the perfect height for toddlers to climb in unaided. Kids love My Car Step because it makes them feel grown-up.


Sally says "When Jess first started using the prototype, she got super excited and felt really independent, plus of course we could all enjoy heading out in the car without the anxiety of an impending tantrum. Though of course she wasn't happy when the prototype got taken away for patenting!" The major benefit of all this of course, is it makes setting off in the car smoother, quicker, and more fun for everyone.


Sally says she's also had great feedback from parents and carers who struggle to lift a toddler due to back problems, pregnancy or other physical limitations. It's great for nannies who lift kids all day long, and also grandparents, who are often the main source of childcare for working parents. 


The design is so clever that it fits the front or back of any car and works with all group one car seats. It takes a few seconds to slot in place, without any fuss and won't damage your upholstery. It's light-weight but strong (Sally was keen to stress that My Car Step has been rigorously safety tested, and is reliable and sturdy to use) compact and even has an easy to carry handle. As a Mum and teaching assistant, she knows how much impact the daily routine has on both child and carer, saying "I am so proud of My Car Step, it's taken a lot of hard work and determination to get this far, but I hope My Car Step helps others like it's helped us".


Following her official launch at the Cardiff Baby & Toddler Show last November My Car Step is now being sold both online from and also from independent children’s retailers The Young Ones in Pontypridd,, Beebies baby store, Travel with tots and Mama to me. You can find out more about Sally and her progress so far at www.mycarstep.comor by emailing Sally directly on


Take the drama (and back ache) out of car journeys, by letting your toddler climb in by themselves.