Machismo vs Feminismo

December 12th, 2012 in Interesting Facts

Everyone has their own preconceptions and misconceptions in regards to who is the better driver, men or women. The traditional stereotype or belief was largely that women were the inferior drivers. Men would always attribute this to different aspects such as spatial awareness and concentration levels; however we would like to challenge these stereotypes and put them up against cold, hard facts.

Below we've attached a table that displays statistics in relation to driving violations. To those people, with the predeterminations similar to those that I mentioned above, will be pretty stunned by these figures. Theories suggest that as women tend to be gentler mannered, they don't get as agitated behind the wheel, especially in city traffic, whereas men become a lot more irritable and petulant at times.

Violations for which men scored at least 50 per cent higher than women:

Reckless driving 3.41 to 1
DUI (Drink Driving) 3.09 to 1
Seatbelt violations 3.08 to 1
Speeding 1.75 to 1
Failure to yield 1.54 to 1
Stop sign/signal violation 1.53 to 1


A side study that may also surprise certain readers is that when it comes to parking, women also came out on top. The test combined accuracy, time taken and technique. Women got an overall score of 13.4 out of 20 when men averaged 12.3 out of 20. Another table below also shows that between every different age group, men were involved in more fatal crashes than women.

Men vs Women Fatal Car Crash Statistics
Rate is for number of fatal crashes per 100 million miles travelled
Age Male Rate Female Rate
16-19 9.2 5.3
20-29 4.0 2.0
30-59 1.8 1.3
70 + 4.1 4.0
Total 2.5 1.7

One final statistic we will leave you with is this; new figures have shown that men are responsible for an overwhelming 97% of dangerous driving offences and 94% of accidents resulting in injuries or death. So next time you're faced with certain generalisations in relation to driving ability, I hope you keep some of these facts in mind. At AreYouDriving, we are trying to promote and assist an influx of women instructors onto our website for these reasons, and hopefully can continue to do so for the foreseeable future.