Why the ladies love ChipsAway!

December 12th, 2012 in In The News

This is why ladies love ChipsAway!

Bumping or scratching your car is never a nice experience, whatever your gender. But if you happen to be female, there's a whole extra set of circumstances to deal with. For one thing, you'll probably have to put up with the usual irritating jokey references to 'women drivers' either from your boyfriend, husband or male friends and work colleagues. Secondly, there's every chance of being patronised at best or at worst ripped off by the local body shop.

Ladies, here's some good news. There is another way. If you're unfortunate enough to suffer a bump, scuff or scratch, relax. You can call ChipsAway, who will provide a repair quote free of charge and can usually put things right within a matter of hours – and at a much lower cost than you'd have had to pay at a traditional body shop!

It gets better. ChipsAway repair technicians are mobile. They can come to you, whether you're at work or at home, and sort your car paintwork out while you carry on with whatever plans you had for the day.

And here's the thing. A ChipsAway repair technician will be courteous and respectful, no sucking of teeth or tut-tutting. Just a straight forward price, fantastic repair quality (you won't be able to tell there's ever been a mark!) and a customer experience that will make you want to tell all your friends - well, maybe your girl-friends and the guys you think can be let in on the secret!

So, that's why the ladies love ChipsAway….