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Why do car insurance prices vary so much?

If you are a young driver looking to insure your car, you will most likely be faced with ridiculously high premiums. But why is the car insurance so high for young drivers and why does it vary so much?

Just by looking at the road accident figures for young drivers, especially young male drivers, you will understand why the premiums are so high for 17-25 year olds.

The statistics on the AA’s young driver public affairs report shows that:

. One in five drivers has an accident in their first year of driving

. 26 per cent of road accidents involve at least one young car driver aged 17-24

. A higher proportion of young diver accidents occur on Friday and Saturday nights.

. 57% of reported accidents involving young car drivers occur in urban areas.

Premiums for women were always less expensive because they had fewer accidents. However, on December 21st 2012, car insurance for young women drivers dramatically increased to equalise the playing field. Insurers are no longer able to take gender into consideration when working out car insurances premiums.


A black telematics box has now been introduced, it gets put into your car and to track how safely you drive so you can benefit from cheaper premiums.

With a telematics insurance policy, the amount you pay is based on your actual driving style rather than the statistical perception of the age group you belong to.

A telematics box with a GPS transmitter is installed in your car and collects data about your driving performance. Ingenium Dynamics technology records your driving style according to location, the velocity and direction of acceleration and deceleration, the time of driving and your speed.

Black Box Insurance is the future of motoring, whether you like it or not Black Box Car Insurance will grow, it will take over the UK insurance market and you will eventually have no choice whether or not you have a Black Box Insurance policy.

We are now working with Black Box Insurance Reviews who give you the most up to date reviews on the Black Box car insurance technology. There are so many companies that are now introducing the Black Box into their policies, it is important to make sure you chose the right one.

If you want information this is the best place for up-to-date news, reviews, facts and figures about this type of insurance and no nonsense independent reviews of all the top providers.

The aim of this website is to help you to understand the technology and also compare the various products available. They use various methods to achieve their rankings, they read all the opinions and comments that they can find from across the various forums that mention black box insurance, they study each provider and assess what they offer each customer, they look at the parent companies and how they perform in mainstream insurance and they study the reviews that they have in this sector. They generally look at the market as a whole and see what the trends are, who is creating the buzz, who has the greatest social impact, who is getting the most search traffic and they base our ranking on this criteria.

At you will find a list of the top ten Black Box Insurance providers as ranked by them.


Everyone needs their car insured and if there is a way to track how well you are driving to possibly give you cheaper car insurance, it seems like that is the best insurance to go for!

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