First Car Story for the MoneySuperMarket competition

July 4th, 2013 in

My first car was a little second hand 3 door Silver Toyota Yaris called Cogsworth. I was part of the Yaris group with my 3 best friends also having Yaris's in various different colours and named after Disney characters. We all loved our new cars so much and enjoyed driving them around London listening to our music blaring out from our radios.
I remember the day I passed realising the freedom that I had and driving to all of my friends houses showing off my new car. I picked up one of my friends and we decided to take a drive around London on a Sunday when there was no congestion charge and we could go wherever we wanted. I took a right turn on a road near to my house and started panicking as I realised I was suddenly on a really fast road that looked a lot like a motorway. This wasn't an ideal situation on the first day of driving without my instructor and I realised that you really do learn how to drive after you have passed. So I was driving in the opposite direction to town, the first time on a motorway and ended up coming off at Luton and having to find my way back to London. Luckily my grandma had bought me a SatNav  for my birthday, otherwise I would have been very lost!
When I arrived back home after an interesting first experience of driving my new car I decided to take some pass plus lessons so that I was comfortable with motorway driving. I must say that now I feel very comfortable driving long distances on the motorway, in fact I prefer it to driving around busy London roads. 
It was a very sad day when I had to say goodbye to my little Yaris and swap it for a slightly larger and sturdier car, a Volkswagen Polo, to drive up and down on the motorway to the University of Leeds. My parents felt that if I was going to be driving long distances on a regular basis that I needed to be in a car that didn't rattle at high speeds. 
Do you remember your first car experience? What was it like? You can blog about it and enter the MoneySuperMarket competition you could win a model version of your first car in either 1:18, 1:24, 1:32 or 1:42 scale if the blog post is published on or before Wednesday 17th July 2013.