Make cars women actually want to drive!

June 15th, 2013 in

This morning I read in the Mail Online that Dr. Andy Palmer, the executive vice-president of Nissan said that there is a need to train more women as engineers to design female friendly cars. Apparently the research he did showed that half of all women are unhappy with their cars and feel that they are misunderstood.

I love my car, but I personally think that a Volkswagen Beetle is typically a female car. It comes with a large flower in a flower pot next to the steering wheel and has a very characteristic shape. The Beetle is a very appealing car and I have found that many women feel the same way.

My sister loves her car as well, she has a Fiat which again has a very characteristic shape and comes in many different designs and colours. At the moment Fiat are creating adverts that are really focussing on the female market. They have their new summer collection out at the moment and even a Fiat 500 that has been designed by Gucci. 

Andy Palmer believes that firms are failing to make cars that appeal to females and they are concentrating more on a car’s horsepower than what women feel are important aspects of a car. He makes a point of mentioning seats that fit women’s backs better than men’s, I actually suffer from bad back pain and if my seat was designed to specifically fit a female’s back I might suffer less.

Andy Palmer also mentions the lack of space for prams and the predominantly male showroom sales staff. I also see women struggle to get their pram into the back of their cars, if I just had one child I wouldn’t want to drive a huge 4x4 just because I needed room for a pram. If smaller cars had larger boots or space in the back to fit a pram it would save the struggle of trying to make room to fit everything.

 As I wrote in my last blog, Girl Power In The Motoring World. The number of private cars with a female registered owner has increased by 70% since 1994. Women are buying cars a lot more frequently and there needs to be other showrooms like Alan Day Volkswagen in New Southgate that have a female friendly atmosphere and actually have women on the sales floor selling cars to other women.

Not only should women be selling cars but they should also be helping to design the cars that are being sold to the female population. If there were female-friendly cars as well as female friendly motoring services, women should be more comfortable and confident whilst purchasing a car.