Girl Power In The Motoring World

June 12th, 2013 in

Girl power in the motoring world is at an all-time high with the number of private cars with a female registered owner has increased by 70% since 1994. 

After doing some research I have come across various studies which suggest that women are in fact better at buying cars than men. When it comes to making an expensive purchase 51% of females consult “a family member or friend who knows something about cars” before buying.  According to Nicola Johnson from HPI, this is compared to just 27% of men. 

Women seem to be more assertive when it comes to asking the important questions and they are not afraid to ask for advice and ask for answers even if they know them already. Men on the other hand don’t ask the important questions as they fear it will make them appear weak and uninformed. 

A poll by car retailer Quicks revealed that one in six women are made to feel uncomfortable by a car dealer and 43% felt patronised. The survey based on 1,000 women motorists showed that more than 40% would not buy a car unless they were with a male friend of family member. 

I interviewed Phillip and Laura at Alan Day Volkswagen in New Southgate the other day.  Phillip Smyrl, the general sales manager was explaining how female friendly their dealership is and how important it is to have women selling cars as well as men.

Laura King is the New Cars Sales Executive and since hiring Laura to sell cars for Alan Day she has excelled and has many loyal female customers. “Sometimes women just feel more comfortable buying cars from other women” said Laura. Laura makes sure she listens to what the customer wants and gives them time to ask all of their questions.

Alan Day puts a lot of effort into their customer service and after sales; Laura made a point of explaining how important it is for the customer to know that Alan Day are still there to help even after they have purchased a car. 

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