Selfish Driving

June 10th, 2013 in

Today I was parking outside my office and I witnessed the most selfish driving. Firstly this particular person nearly crashed into my car whilst doing a three point turn and then decided to park right in the middle of a fairly busy road to deliver a package to a house down the street. She abandoned her car right in the middle of the street for a good 5 minutes and expected other vehicles to move around her car, or wait for her to return so she could move out of the way. I was so shocked by such selfish driving and it just made me question what makes people so selfish when it comes to driving?

Selfish driving can cause accidents, delay other drivers and also cause distress. I think people tend to be more selfish with their driving when they are in a rush, it's so important to leave enough time to get to places or to run errands so that you don't end up driving selfishly. 






The reason that I am putting these pictures up is to make people aware that nearly all the time whilst you are driving there are people watching you and the way you drive does effect other people's lives.