Trip to the garage and a visit from the RAC

May 31st, 2013 in

Over the past week since I have been back in London I haven’t driven my car very much but when I did drive it I noticed that it was juddering and vibrating strangely every time I braked. I knew instantly that there was something wrong but I wasn’t sure what the problem was; I then saw a warning light pop up on my dash board that looked like this:

I looked up the sign in my manual and it said that there was a fault in the exhaust system and to go to a qualified workshop.

I called my local garage but unfortunately they were fully booked all day so I decided to call the RAC to see if they could tell me if there was a proper fault with my car.

The great thing about the RAC is that if you are paying for their breakdown membership, they will happily come to your house and check your car over and not charge anything. They arrived at my house about half an hour after I called them and he used a computerised machine to check my car, it came up saying that there was no fault.

The man, I think his name was Lee, told me that it isn’t anything major because it isn’t coming up as a fault on his machine but that I should still get it checked over at my local garage. He said that it might have been faulty petrol, which can sometimes make the car jolt when you brake and bring that warning sign up.

I apologised for wasting his time as there was nothing wrong with my car and he said that I hadn’t wasted his time and he was more than happy to check the car over. 

I tried to contact my local garage but they were still fully booked all day so I decided to take my car to Kwik Fit to see if they could check it over. I was a bit nervous about going to Kwik Fit because I felt that they had over charged me in the past when I needed to get my car fixed. However, after seeing the RAC I felt really confident in my knowledge of the problem and knew that I was in control of the situation.

Kwik Fit really surprised me and the man was very charming and helpful, he checked my car over and told me that it was fine but he said if the light comes back on I need to come back for a full diagnostic check. I didn’t get charged for this check either!

So basically my car was obviously feeling neglected because I haven’t been driving her much this week so she decided she wanted a trip to the garage. At least it was a great blogging experience.

I also learnt that people don’t mind checking your car for you for free if they aren’t busy. Even if it is a small problem you should still get it checked out just in case, luckily for me it seems like it wasn’t anything problematic.