Luxury Cab Service

May 30th, 2013 in Car Safety

Unfortunately my usual cab experience is far from perfect. I regularly order cabs to take me to and from town when I am going to various events or dinners and it is a rare occasion for me to return home after an evening out without nearly throwing up at the back of a cab and that’s even when I’m sober!

At times I have actually felt quite frightened at the back of a cab. Many of the drivers that I have had do not know their way around London and end up fiddling with their Sat-Nav whilst they are driving; I end up feeling really motion sick and scared whilst they are veering into other lanes. Nearly all of the taxi drivers that take me around London enjoy speeding, they always seem like they are in a rush and the speeding up and then the abrupt stopping at traffic lights also doesn’t result in a comfortable journey.

Well, on Tuesday morning I had a completely different experience all together and I actually arrived at my destination without any motion sickness and I felt safe throughout the whole journey. Our taxi arrived at my house to pick my mum and I up; the driver got out of the car and opened the door for us so that we could get in the car. We then got inside and he introduced himself at Karl. This is the first time a driver has ever actually said “hello ladies, my name is…and I am going to be your driver this morning.” It really started the journey on a positive note. Karl then drove us all the way into town without speeding, stopping and starting abruptly and he didn’t use a SatNav as he was obviously an experienced driver and knew his way around London. At the end of the journey we took down all of his details and asked if we could request him as our driver whenever we used Addison Lee.

I really wish all taxi drivers were like Karl, I don’t think many of the drivers realise how much their driving can affect their passengers. I usually use Fairway and Kenwood cars in North London because they are the cheapest, but I am beginning to think that paying a bit extra and getting a taxi driver like Karl from Addison Lee is worth it.

If anyone wants to request Karl from Addison Lee his call sign is A142.