Emergency car kits:

May 8th, 2012 in Car Safety

Do you have an emergency car kit?

When I go out I always have a check list of what I need to take with me and I always make sure that I carry my essentials in my hand bag. As I leave the house I check I have my phone, purse, oyster card, keys, bottle of water, a few bits of makeup, my diary and a pair of spare contact lenses. If I have these essentials then I know I can go out for the day and I have everything I need with me.

It is important for us to remember that not only do we need to take our essentials with us in our handbag, that we should have an emergency car kit in our boot as well, in case of a break down or crash. If something happened, for instance you broke down on the motorway and you were on your own in your car you would be much happier knowing you had all the essentials in the back of your car.

The top items for an emergency car kit are:

1. Water is the most important item to have in the back of your car, if you were stranded somewhere, water would keep you going for a few days if you had no access to food. Your body can survive a few days without food, but with out water it will dehydrate and you wouldn’t last long. Obviously this is in an extreme situation, but it is always best to be prepared. Even if you were waiting for a few hours, water is important to keep you hydrated.

2. Food is also important to have in the back of your car in an emergency. Cereal bars, chocolate bars, crisps. Anything that can give you energy when you need it.
3. Warmth is essential. It is important to keep some sort of blanket in your boot so if you did break down and had to wait a few hours for help, you will be able to stay warm. This is even more important during the winter, I had a friend who was stuck on the motorway during a snow storm and had to sleep in his car over night. In this situation, a blanket is one thing you really need.
4. A torch is always handy, if your car breaks down in the dark, a torch provides an extra light source which also will make you feel a bit safer if you are waiting alone.
5. A phone charger that connects to your car. I have an iphone charger that I connect to the cigarette power socket in my car. It is so important to be able to charge your phone, if you broke down or had a flat tyre, you need your phone to call for help. It is no good if it has run out of battery. Contact is essential, so always make sure you have a way of letting people where you are if you need help.
6. First aid kit, there is no harm in having a first aid kit in the back of your car. If some sort of injury occurs, every second counts. Keep items such as pain relievers, sterile pads, alcohol prep pads, bandages and soap. You may also want to include tissues, toilet paper, safety pins and bandages. All of these items will come in handy when you are in need of first aid on the road.

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So girls, these are the items that I have in the back of my car, I know that I am fully prepared when I am in my car. Half of my essentials are in my hand bag and the other half in the boot of my car.
Always stay prepared, hopefully you won’t ever need to use your car kit, but if you do at least you have it there waiting for you.

If anyone thinks of anything else we could add to our car kits, please leave a comment.