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May 28th, 2013 in Uncategorized

I have been using Pinterest for quite a few months now and I have found that it is a great way to express a passion through photos. Over the last year my passion for cars and the motoring industry has become a lot stronger, which is why I created:

MyCarGossip is an online motoring service directory which encourages women to rate, review and recommend all types of car services as to how female friendly they are.

My Pinterest board combines both women and cars showing how a beautiful person and a beautiful object can look great together in a photo. There is a selection of both old and new photos from classic pin up girls to modern women wearing the latest fashions next to various old and new cars.

My favourite picture is the couple on their wedding day inside the classic car. The photo is full of joy and the classic car in the picture fills out the photo and acts as a frame around the newlyweds. The bride looks beautiful on her wedding day; her dress is blowing in the wind and her face full of love and laughter. The car doors are open, welcoming the couple into their new life together.

Many of the photos show women standing next to their cars wearing similar coloured clothes to the colours of their cars. I like the idea of a car being a woman’s accessory; I believe my Pinterest board works well with Fiat’s new advert for their Fiat 500 Summer Collection. The idea behind Fiat’s new collection is that women wear their car as a fashion accessory, their tag line being: “Ready To Wear;” in all of the photos on my board it shows women wearing similar colours and outfits to look good with their cars.

Here is a link to my Pinterest Board and if you search just for Mycargossip you will be able to see all of my other boards as well:

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