Driving experiences in St Lucia

May 24th, 2013 in

We are in St Lucia and being driven around here is a very different experience to being back in London.

For one, although there are quite a few cars around, the best way to travel is by boat….well this was an interesting experience when we got on an organised cruise to watch the sunset.

The Caribbean people are extremely relaxed and laid back, which is one thing I love about being in this part of the world. However, when it comes to their driving of any type of vehicle I think they have the same mentality.

Whilst we were getting onto the coach to journey down to the port I noticed that the idea was to “get as many people on the coach as possible” extra chairs were being pulled out down the aisle and anywhere else that had a tiny bit of room for another person.  

I ended up sitting at the back of the coach because when we got on it was pretty much full, I didn’t really like the fact that after we sat down we were suddenly trapped by two other chairs In front of us down the middle of the coach. Luckily I took my motion sickness pills else it could have been a nightmare trying to get off the bus. 

We then walked to the back of the boat and saw the captain of the boat drinking alcoholic drink after alcoholic drink, dancing whilst steering and towards the end of the trip he even started steering with his feet! 

Yes, it is an open sea with not much around, but there were still a lot of rocks and a few other party boats, so I wasn’t completely re-assured that we were in safe hands.

Well, it seemed like he was in more control than it looked like and we arrived back safely to the port and luckily I didn’t get any sea sickness all thanks to my incredible pills! I even took over the wheel for a short time :-)