Driving Distractions

May 6th, 2012 in Car Safety

Dangerous distractions whilst driving.

Whilst we are driving there can be so many distractions that can cause dangerous driving.
The reason why I decided to write a blog about distractions whilst driving is because the one thing that makes me most distracted is arguing whilst driving. I remember when I was at work a couple of weeks ago, a few of the girls and I were discussing how when we are driving, our boyfriends can become front seat drivers and voice their opinions loudly even if we are not doing anything wrong. It did make me feel better knowing that I wasn’t the only one that this happens to!
This happens to me every so often, especially if we are lost or driving to a new location and I am not sure of my where abouts. Naturally I become a bit nervous if I am unsure of where I am and that can be distracting in its self. However, what doesn’t help is then having an argument about my driving whilst I am trying to drive. This just makes me more nervous, annoyed and angry, which is what makes me drive badly!

I also remember my dad saying the same thing when me and my sister were younger, we used to argue in the back all the time and that would cause my parents to argue, which would then cause my dad to stop the car and pull it over. He used to tell us that it is too distracting for him to drive with us all arguing in the car, and if we didn’t stop, he wouldn’t carry on driving.
There are so many ways of getting distracted whilst driving. One thing that really annoys me is when I am driving at the speed limit on the motorway or on a dual carriageway and there is someone in front of me driving at the speed limit aswell. But a car behind me want’s to drive faster than me and starts flashing me from behind.

Firstly it makes me angry because even if I wanted to, I couldn’t go faster as there is someone in front of me and secondly, it is so distracting! I end up watching (usually a man) behind me flashing and swearing at me because he wants to get past, but it puts me off my own driving and just wants to make me drive slower. I just can’t understand that if I am driving on a dual carriage way at 50 mph why someone behind me needs to try to force me to go faster.

Another distraction is my phone, I usually get a text message or a whastapp message, or someone tries to call me whilst I am driving.What I do now is keep my bag in the back of the car so that if my phone does ring, or I do get a text, I can’t reach my bag until I pull over.
The six main distractions for driving can be found in the Highway Code under rule 148. They include:


  •  Loud music
  • Trying to read maps
  • Inserting a CD or tuning the radio
  • Arguing with your passengers or other road users
  • Eating and drinking
  • Smoking

There are also many driving distractions in Australia and Private Fleet have pointed them out in their blog post here,
Also did you know that hundreds of women brush their hair or fix their make up whilst they are driving. I only ever do this if I am stuck in bad traffic and not moving. But I didn’t realise that if I got caught by a police officer brushing my hair or putting on some mascara at the wheel that I could end up with a charge of driving without due care and attention and could even get a charge for careless driving.
Also eating, drinking and smoking are also incredibly dangerous things to do whilst driving. I always used to eat something at the wheel whilst driving to and from university but it can be distracting and you have less control at the wheel. With smoking if you were to drop the cigarette and burn yourself you could end up so distracted that it could cause a major accident. Always try to have your cigarette before/after you drive, and if you need to eat, also do it before/after a journey.
So this is how I feel about distractions whilst I am driving and I am going to be extra careful whilst I drive from now on.