Doing online checks of your car before you buy it

April 24th, 2013 in


Blog written by a MYCARGOSSIP member about her car buying experience. 

On 11th April 2013 I bought a 2 year old Skoda Fabia from a small garage behind the shops in Cricklewood. Having seen a few cars this one was two and a half years old with only 16,600 miles on the clock and a good buy at £5000.

I bought it on the spot without doing any checks and insured it with Sheila’s Wheels who are part of E Sure. 10 days later after selling my other car and realising that there had been a discrepancy on the mileage with that one that the new buyers were picking up (even though I had bought it from Jemca on the Edgware road), I decided to run a quick check on my new car's mileage. Imagine my surprise when it flashed up red INSURANCE WRITE OFF CATEGORY D.

Well suffice to say that I did not sleep too well last night. I did some online research and found out that should I have an accident, my insurance would now be invalid. So after many hours on the telephone I have now insured my car with AVIVA who could not have been nicer. I had to get the car a new MOT and send the details to the insurer and declare that it is a write off so any claims would now be fine. I spoke to the man who said he is an honest chap and intends to drop a couple hundred quid to me at some point to show goodwill and that not to worry when I come to sell the car, he would help me out.

Luckily my garage who serviced it today said it is a great little car. Category D is the least serious write off A, B and C being more serious. Sometimes it is just more financially viable for the insurance company to write off the cars than fix them even if the damage is minimal due to modern cars now having air bags that go off and other paraphernalia that was never there a few years ago. But be warned and do your online checks BEFORE you buy. It only costs a few pounds and could end up saving you many many thousands .