Be safe in your car

May 3rd, 2012 in Car Safety

Hey girls,

This morning I was reading an article online about a woman who was abducted in her own car in Hull. This happened in January (this year) whilst the woman was waiting in her car for her partner. She had left the car doors unlocked with the engine running, a man allegedly jumped into the car and drove off at a really high speed. The car then collided with another vehicle and then the man grabbed the woman's handbag before exiting the car and fleeing the scene.

I read this article on Crimestoppers and it made me think that today's blog should be about women's safety in their cars. The first thing that I do when I get into my car is lock my doors, I do this before I put my handbag down, before I turn on the engine and before I put on my seatbelt. As soon as I am in my car with my doors locked, I feel safe. The amount of times I get into my friend's cars and they are driving around with their doors unlocked, I just can't understand why.

Why would you want to risk having a stranger jump into your car, or steal your handbag or other items whilst you are waiting at a traffic light, or waiting for a friend to get into the car? You may feel like you are safe if you are in the public eye in broad day light, but I think the above article proves that you are never safe if your car doors are not locked. I even got into my grandma's car a few months ago and asked her why she didn't have her doors locked and she said because I was in the car with her!? I was thinking, what am I going to do??

Here are some tips on staying safe in your cars:

1. The danger areas are when you get out of your car at home or in isolated areas and whilst you are walking to your car. So just be extra careful and watch who is around.

2. Never pull your car over to a quiet road even if someone drives alongside your car and points at your tyres, there might not actually be a problem with them. Wait until you are in a well-lit and crowed area so you can see if there is a problem. That person might not actually want to help you.

3. Always check your car before entering it; you never know if you have accidentally left it unlocked.

4. Always check you have locked your car properly when you leave it, even if it means walking back to double check (better to be safe than sorry)

5. Never get into a car even if someone is pointing a knife or a handgun at you from inside. Just start to run away from the car screaming at the same time. It’s much more likely that he will drive away to find an easier target than attack you.

6. Always approach your car with your keys ready so you can quickly get inside.

7. Always be alert in car parks, especially when it is dark, if you are scared don't be sky to ask someone you know to walk to you to your car.

8. Try and keep your windows up 3 quarters of the way, especially on the passenger side, I personally would never leave my passenger window open far down, as when you stop at a light or are in slow moving traffic, someone could take your bag, or in some cars, could put their hand in and unlock it.

9. Never leave your car unlocked, even for a few minutes to run into your house or get something from a shop. It's not worth the risk.

10. Finally, just be aware of your surroundings, by remembering simple things like locking your car doors so you can stay safe whilst driving. Feel free to leave any other tips that you might have for other women/girls about being safe in their cars.



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