Ford Figo ad, what were they thinking?

March 26th, 2013 in

Oh dear, Indian advertising agency JWT India has caused uproar on Twitter and various other social networking sites since their ads which were never used but posted on the internet for the Ford Figo went viral.

Brown Girl Daily ‏@browngirldaily24 Mar

Dear @FordFigo, how is this ad ingenious? Tying up women in the back of your cheap car is a branding fail.

Miss Representation ‏@RepresentPledge22 Mar

.@FordIndia advertises @FordFigo by depicting captive women stuffed inside #NotBuyingIt

The company are apologising for the ads which are trying to show how spacious the Ford Figo’s boot is. Clearly they got it completely wrong when they decided to create a character that looks very similar to Italy’s former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi with three bound, crying and gagged women in the Ford Figo’s boot. The caption reads “Leave all your worries behind.” 

Another picture shows Paris Hilton who seems to have kidnapped the Kardashians, one who is only wearing a bikini and high heels, all gagged and tied up. 

As Auto blog says:  “Clearly in bad taste, at least, the Indian source also questions the timing of these risqué Ford ads, as the follow by days new anti-rape legislation passed by the Indian Parliament.” 

Ford has responded in a statement, that it and its advertising partner (JWT India) "deeply regret" the ads, and claim that they "never should have happened."