Raising awareness of car theft

March 11th, 2013 in Car Safety

On Friday night my VW Beetle nearly got taken from outside my house. I got home with my sister at about 10pm, I always triple check locking my car, especially on my own but because I was with my sister I was waiting for her to get out the car and may have pressed the lock button before she closed the door.  This was the first time in a long while that I didn’t double check that my car was locked. I also may have just forgotten to lock the car which would make the burglary just a complete coincidence happening on the one night I forget to lock it.

On Saturday morning we woke up and went to my car at 9am, my sister went to sit in the passenger side of my car and noticed that the car door was open. She got in the car and saw that my glove box was open and all of my stuff was on the floor, including my Sat Nav. We were both so shocked by what had happened, luckily we have a CCTV camera installed outside of our houseso we could see what happend. When my parents went on holiday last year there were quite a few burglaries happening in our area so we asked my dad to install a camera.

We checked the CCTV footage and watched the man try and get into my parents car but was unsuccessful and then went to my car and managed to get inside. He sat in the car for a total of 4 minutes but didn’t take anything, he also tried to get into my boot but couldn’t work out how to open it so he left with nothing.

I phoned the police who informed me that I could easily have locked my car but these days burglars are using a special high-tech fob device that actually unlocks certain cars so they can either steal the car or steal items inside. The police said it was strange that he was in my car for such a long time without taking anything and they believe he may have actually been trying to take the car.

After reading online about these electronic key fobs it seems that usually thieves target BMWs with their fobs as they are a more attractive car to thieves. So perhaps it was just a coincidence that I didn’t check my car and that night someone got into it. However the situation has made me a lot more aware as I didn’t even know that people have invented these fobs that help them access cars. In July a man from Essex was arrested in London for stealing more than 150 cars worth nearly £4million. If your car has an electronic key or keyless entry system, you’re at risk. Eastern European gangs are targeting virtually every BMW, particularly 320 and 330 M Sport models, keyless Fiestas, Audi Q7s, Range Rovers, even Mercedes Sprinter and Transit vans. 

One of the main ways to prevent a thief from actually taking your car is to get a wheel lock, so even if they get into your car they can’t take it.  They also would get put off going for your car if you have a wheel lock. I am going to buy one of them they are relatively cheap on Amazon £27.46, especially compared to how much it would cost to replace your items or your car that could potentially get stolen even if you lock it. You can buy one by clicking on the Amazon link below, it will take you straight to the wheel lock. 

It might seem weird putting the lock on your car whilst it is in your drive, but I live in quite a nice area that I thought was safe and on Friday this happened in our drive outside our house.