The Crash BBC Three Drama

March 7th, 2013 in Car Safety

For anyone who didn’t watch The Crash on BBC Three Tuesday night, go onto BBC Iplayer and watch it when you have a spare hour. Yes it is terrifying, emotional and heart breaking but it is true life based on real events.

Executive producer Dominic Barlow wrote an interesting article on the BBC Three website about the extensive interviews and research that went into creating the drama. 

Based on real life events, Lucy King, the factual producer had the hard task of interviewing families who had lost children in car accidents. 

Sadly the events that took place in the programme happen on a daily basis. In 2011 KSI (killed or seriously injured) casualties in reported accidents involving young car drivers (17-24) accounted for 20 per cent of all KSI casualties. (From The Department Of Transport Reported Road Casualties in Great Britain: 2011 annual report pgs 21-22)

This is a story of a close group of friends around 18 years old who are involved in a fatal car crash whilst driving late at night on a country road. Another car is driving really badly and over takes them on a narrow road and for some reason one of the boys decides to over take the car to get past it and ends up causing a catastrophic car crash involving all of their friends.

The episode is split into three sections, the first one showing the day of the crash, the second part showing the lives of all the characters 6 months before the crash and the third part shows the moments after the crash and what happens to some of the characters. We are left knowing about two fatalities but we only saw one of the characters die so we are left waiting until next week to find out which other character sadly passes away.

As a young driver myself I was deeply affected by this drama, especially knowing that it happens on such a regular basis. I believe it is incredibly important for events like this to be shown on TV so it makes young drivers aware of how dangerous driving can be if you are not concentrating or if you take risks on the road.

The producers deliberately focused on a story that is based around an event that could happen on the road at any time, rather than a crash that was caused by someone under the influence of alcohol or drugs. By doing this, it heightens the importance of making young drivers aware of these events so they are extra cautious when driving. 

Even though this was an emotional and depressing programme to watch, I am looking forward to next week's episode to find out what happens next. 

What did all of you think of it?