How to change a tyre-girls guide

May 2nd, 2012 in Car Maintenance Tips

How to change a tyre in 8 simple steps:


  1. Spare Tyre
  2. Car jack
  3. Lugnut Wrench

Hey girls, so it's best to try and not to let your tyre go flat in the first place. Keep the proper amount of air in your tyres and make sure they are in good condition. A good mechanic will help you decide if your tyres are safe to use.

Obviously sometimes it can't be helped if you get a flat tyre. I have managed to get two flat tyres in the space of a couple of months, oh how I wish I could have done this myself so that I didn't have to pay loads of money for a man to rip me off in the garage I went to!

The first time I drove over a nail in the road, pure bad luck, and the second time I accidentally hit the curb whilst doing a 3 point turn (my fault!) Either way, sometimes it just happens, so I think every girl should know what to do in this situation.

Step 1:

Put the car in park. Double check you've applied the handbrake. If you have a manually geared car put it into gear, if you have an automatic put it into "Park". Turn your vehicle's engine off and put your hazard lights on to alert other motorists that you are stopped. You may also want to lift the bonnet of your car to further show that you are stopped for repairs.

Step 2:

Check that your spare tyre is suitably inflated, and make sure you have a lug wrench and a Jack. The spare is usually located in the boot beneath a flap of carpet. All cars should come with these items, but it would be good to check if they are in your boot.

Step 3:

With the car on the ground, you need to remove the hubcap from the flat.

Step 4:

Use the lug wrench to break the lug nuts free. You could always stand on the lug wrench to provide the maximum force if you can't get them off by hand. Loosen each lug bolt just a little bit (one turn), then insert the jack under the car at the spot recommended by your manufacturer. (This can be found in your hand book) Do not completely remove the lugnuts before jacking up your car so the tyre does not drop off and injure you.

Step 5:

Be sure to keep track of all the lug nuts, put them in a safe place as you will need them to secure the spare tyre. Turn the jack screw clockwise to raise the car, and do this until the tyre to be changed is about an inch off the pavement. Jack the vehicle far enough off the ground so that a new, fully inflated tire will fit easily under the car. Too much space is better that not enough. Remove the flat and put it out of your way, then put the spare one on.

Step 6:

Take the nuts and put them back on the wheel. Tighten them as much as you can with your fingers, but not completely as you will finish tightening them when they are on the ground. Most cars have five lug nuts which would make you tighten in a sequence called the star pattern. It is called the star pattern because it is like drawing a star. You start with one lug nut, skip the next one and continue in that way until they are all tightened properly. Don't tighten the bolts beside each other.

Step 7:

Ease down the jack; keep all body parts away from the car. If the jack comes down too fast, you don't want to be underneath the car.Once the vehicle is safely on the ground, you can finish tightening the lugnuts. Secure them as tightly as you possibly can.

Step 8:

Now reattach your hubcap and clean up. Put away your jack, lug wrench and flat tyre, get back in your car, check your hair and make-up and you are ready to go!

So girls, this is how you change a tyre, hopefully with these easy steps it isn't too hard to understand. At least if you are in an emergency and you need to change a flat, you know how. You can now impress your boyfriends/husbands and dads and show them that we are just as good at fixing our car problems as men are!

Once you have put your spare tyre on, don't forget to check into a garage to get a new spare tyre. If this happens again you don't want to have no tyre in your boot to replace your flat one with.