How to claim for pothole damage

February 13th, 2013 in Car Insurance Advice


I heard on the news this morning that insurers say the number of cars damaged by potholes has doubled over the last year.

At a low speed hitting a deep pothole can cause damage to the wheels, tyres and steering alignment and the cost of repairing these parts of your car can be really expensive. At a high speed if you hit a pothole it can cause severe damage and it could also cause you to lose control of your car and crash into other vehicles.

When I am driving on the North Circular from North London to Essex there is a whole lane that is completely covered with potholes. I know it is bad for my car to drive over them but it is dangerous to try and avoid them when there are other cars driving in the lane next to me. If I swerve to avoid them I could end up having a crash with a car on the other side of me, so in this situation what am I supposed to do? Other than just remembering which lane the pothole is in and driving in another lane there is not much I can do myself.

Potholes are formed by the expansion and contraction of water after it has entered into the ground after the pavement. When the water freezes the holes expands. As the weights of cars go over the weak spot in the road, pieces of the road weaken which makes it break and cause potholes. The freezing weather and snow causes even more potholes so with all this snow in the UK at the moment there are way more potholes than normal.

I found a website where you can report a pothole to your local authority so they are made aware of where the new potholes are forming. Many authorities have systems in place to fix potholes and they actually want the public’s help in reporting the damaged roads. The website also gives you advice on how to make a claim if you have damage to your car from driving over a pothole. Be aware of the damage they can cause and try to avoid them if you can as it can cost a lot of money to fix pothole damage.