How to get your car out of the mud

February 3rd, 2013 in Car Maintenance Tips

Last week I was at a country side pub for a friend’s birthday lunch, there were about 20 of us and we were sitting at a long table next to a window facing out onto the pub’s garden.  Just before we were about to order our food we noticed a man drive his silver Nissan across the pub’s back garden. We were all confused as to what he was attempting to do but before we could question it we noticed his car coming to a halt as it began to sink in the mud.  

The first thing the man did was put his foot on the accelerator to try and pull the car out of the mud, this failed miserably and his tyres just spun around crazily flinging mud everywhere. After a good 5 minutes of putting his foot on the accelerator to pull himself out he was just more stuck. He decided to get out of his car and disappeared for a few minutes, we then noticed him returning to his car pulling large planks of wood behind him. We saw him try to create a path for the car using the planks of wood, however this wasn’t successful and he gave up again. Another couple of men tried to help him push it out but they had no luck. We actually don’t know what ended up happening because they all gave up and we ended up leaving the pub.

I once got stuck in snow in a car park whilst I was at university and had to be pushed out, if I was alone I would have had no idea what to do! This event got me thinking and I knew I needed to write a blog to advise other people on what to do if you get stuck in mud, snow or sand.

If you are in the car with other people you should ask them to get out so that the weight of the car is reduced. By reducing the weight it will make it less likely to sink deeper into the mud.

Accelerate gently but if you feel it is not helping, don’t continue. Turn your car off and dig some mud away from the tyres, try to find a large stick or anything else you can use if you don’t have a shovel.  This should work and once the mud is moved from the outside of the tyres you should be able to drive free.

However if it doesn’t work you might need to find some wooden boards. The wooden boards should be placed at the front and back of the car to create a level ground, gently straighten your wheel and apply a light pressure to the accelerator, if your car begins to move keep accelerating until you are free.

If none of this works and you are completely stuck in the mud it is time to call your breakdown service! I use the RAC and most of my friends use the AA, they are both brilliant!