You never know when you might need a Jump Start‏

January 19th, 2013 in Car Safety

Flat Battery? What are you going to do?


Jump Lead

I'd only vaguely heard of Jump Leads until today and if you'd asked me to describe them, I would have just embarrassed myself. Short journeys, lots of cool music and headlights can take their toll on your car battery and there is nothing worse than getting in the car and just hearing the engine click, not roar. Stuck with a flat battery, waiting for the emergency services is no fun, especially in the snow. 

This happened to my sister's boyfriend outside our house today and he was as clueless as me and didn't know to what to do. Fortunately my Dad came to the rescue, as he keeps Jump Leads in his car for emergencies like this. They only cost about £10 from most petrol stations and consist of one black lead and one red lead (wires).

You need to find somebody with another car with a working battery to help you and then position the cars so you can connect the batteries of the two cars together.  Make sure both engines are turned off before you start. The black lead is connected to the black (negative) terminal at the top of each battery and the red lead to the red (positive) terminal of each. There are detailed step by step guides on the internet (e.g. The AA, Halfords) as you do have to be careful not to hurt yourself or damage your car, but the big lesson for me was to make sure I have Jump Leads in my boot from now just in case I ever need a Jump Start