The launch of MyCarGossip

January 15th, 2013 in Uncategorized


This week I launched my website it is a really exciting time and I am trying to get as many members as possible to join the site so I can help them find really great female friendly car mechanics in their local areas. MyCarGossip also helps young drivers find brilliant driving instructors to teach them how to drive.

When you are looking for a driving instructor, mechanic or any type of motoring service you usually find them by word of mouth. MyCarGossip is the new online word of mouth system. Rate your garages and driving instructors online and together we can create a community where women all over the UK can find reliable motoring services through word of mouth.

How often do you have a problem with your car and need to visit a garage? It might be a couple of times a year, every few months or only if you are taking it in for an MOT and service. Even if it is only once a year, it is so important to know that you are going to a reliable and trustworthy mechanic.

In 2010 a survey was done by Motor Codes which stated that over 14 million motorists feel short changed by their local service and repair garage. The survey showed that young drivers are hit the hardest, so how can this be prevented? MyCarGossip has set up a website focusing on female drivers, by registering to the site you can search for your local garage/car dealership and give it a review to help other women.

One of the best ways to ensure that you are spending your money at a trustworthy garage is to go by a friend’s recommendation, finding a reliable mechanic could save you hundreds of pounds each year. By joining the MyCarGossip community you will have first-hand ratings and reviews at a click of a button given to you by other drivers.

Always remember that franchised garages are usually the most expensive, if you can find a local garage they could be up to a third cheaper. Make sure that when you are given a quote it includes all parts, labour and VAT, as some garages will add these costs on last minute and bump up the price.

Not only is it important for drivers to find a reliable local car mechanic who you can trust, it is also essential to find a trustworthy driving instructor to teach you how to drive. If you click on the group that says “rate my driving instructor” you can direct other female drivers to a reliable and trustworthy instructor. Recommendations are always helpful when you are trying out a new service. 

I really hope you enjoy the website, join the community and help make a difference. Please send any feedback to