Dogs that can drive??

January 13th, 2013 in In The News


I was watching the news this morning in bed and couldn’t believe what I was seeing when I sawthree dogs drivingcars in New Zealand.  I thought I was still dreaming but when I looked it up online I saw that it is in fact true. A charity in New Zealand has taught 3 rescue dogs how to drive a car and they are taking their driving test next week. The dogs are currently learning to drive by using a specially modified cart to operate the controls; they can start the car, get into position, put the brake on, put the gear in place, accelerate and drive. Next week they will attempt to drive a real mini and it will be available to watch online.


An animal welfare group in New Zealand; The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals trained the dogs to drive to show the world how intelligent they are and encourage more potential owners to come forward. The three dogs have spent weeks getting to grips with driving.

The three drivers are: Porter a 10 month old Beardie Cross, Monty, an 18 month old schnauzer cross and Ginny a one year old Beardie Whippet Cross.

I am looking forward to watching their driving test online and who turns out to be the best driver, I’m rooting for Ginny, female drivers all the way!

Have a look at this link to watch the full video:

Charlotte :-)