Did you find dust on your car yesterday?

April 1st, 2014 in Interesting Facts

Where did all of the car dust come from?

Yesterday morning I was so surprised when I went outside to get into my car and I saw that my car was covered in dust. I only got my car washed the other day and I suddenly got angry thinking that it was the builders next door who somehow managed to cover my car in dirt.  In fact, I was wrong- it was not the builders next door as I later found out in the news that pretty much everyone’s cars had been covered in red dust overnight. 

A sand storm?

Where did this red dust come from? It was actually the aftermath of a sand storm from the Sahara desert which is 2,000 miles away from us. Unusual atmospheric conditions created a sandstorm from Africa which meant that a layer of dust appeared on people’s cars for everyone to see. It is incredible that it managed to travel as far as the UK. 

When I was reading the article in the Daily Mail I noticed a quote from the Met Office who said “you need the combination of elements- the sandstorm in the Saharan region, the wind from the South/South East and the right sort of rain. You need a light rain, not too much- just enough to bring it down and then when it dries out it leaves a residue on cars.” (Emma Sharples) 

Cleaning your car

Last week we tested out some car cleaning products which were given to us by Auto Glym. So if you are looking to wash your car and get rid of all the dust, have a look at our video below.