Having driving lessons years after you pass your test

December 12th, 2012 in Learning to Drive

Having driving lessons a few years after passing your test

Today my mum had a driving lesson 33 years after originally passing her test. After passing her test when she was 17years old, her family had to sell the family car; she then relied on my dad to drive her everywhere and didn't drive again until she was 26. From 26-50 she only drove to familiar places and began to start fearing long drives to places she hadn't been before, she also had never driven on a motorway.

My dad, sister and I had no idea how bad her fear was until a few weeks ago we told her to drive us back from Stanmore where my grandparents live. She ended up having a panic attack on the dual carriageway after taking a wrong turn on a very large roundabout, it was actually quite terrifying, she pulled over and my dad drove us home. It was then that we begged her to have a couple of driving lessons to help her with her fear of roundabouts and motorways.

Today the driving instructor arrived at 12.30pm and my mum was waiting nervously for her lesson, she kept saying she was going to be sick and I was really worried she wouldn't be able to do the two hour lesson. The instructor said he was going to take her on the motorway and help her practice going around large roundabouts; the two hour lesson was going to consist of facing all of her driving fears. After she left I spent the next two hours praying that she was going to come back more confident and happy.

Two hours later she arrived home really excited saying that she had driven on the motorway at speeds she had never driven at before and she had driven to places she had never been. She even started booking in more lessons so that she could face more of her fears; she said that the driving instructor she had was brilliant and very calming.

A lot of people I have met have certain fears when it comes to driving, whether it is driving to unknown places, driving in rush hour or just general fears after having an accident. I think it is great if you can have a few driving lessons even after you have passed your test to refresh your memory or help you face some of your driving fears. I'm really proud of my mum for having these lessons and I really hope it makes her more confident.

On Monday we will be driving back to Stanmore to see my Grandparents and my mum said she will drive us there and back; hopefully she will remember everything she learnt and be able to drive us without getting nervous!

Her driving instructors name is Michael Di-Scala and he works in the North London area, so if anyone would like any lessons or knows anyone looking for a teacher his details can be found on his website.