Feeling unsafe as a passenger in a taxi

September 10th, 2012 in Car Safety

Should you say something if you feel unsafe in a mini cab?

Returning home after 10days in the sun usually results in the holiday blues, however this time I am saying goodbye to the blues and now that I am well rested, I am looking forward to getting back into my usual routine.

When my family and I landed in Gatwick we were greeted by the taxi driver that we had pre-arranged to take us home to North London. I am quite a bad passenger as it is as I tend to get terrible motion sickness. My sister is also a bad passenger after being involved in two car crashes in her first two years of driving, one of which was as a passenger in a taxi.

Swerving into other lanes:

I always get into a car open minded and hope that it will be a smooth journey. During this particular taxi journey the driver was constantly fiddling with the satnav to check the traffic updates which kept causing the car to swerve into other lanes. He rarely indicated when crossing lanes on the motorway and he had a bad habit of breaking harshly and then accelerating just as harshly. Not only that but he kept looking like he was falling asleep and had to open the windows for air. 

Needless to say, we were all feeling quite shaky and sick throughout the journey, my dad ended up asking the driver to stop fiddling with the satnav and to avoid breaking harshly, to which the taxi driver apologised and stopped for about 10 minutes.

There have only been a few occasions where I have said to a taxi driver that I feel sick, even though it does happen often. I only vocalise my motion sickness if I am with other people who feel the same or if I am on the verge of actually being sick.

If you are in the back of a taxi or in a friend's car and are either fearing for your life or feeling sick would you say something? Am I the only one who would avoid being rude and stay silent even if I feel sick or uncomfortable in someone else's car?