Unlicensed Illegal Taxis

August 10th, 2012 in Car Safety

Have you ever knowingly got inside an illegal taxi?

In London alone, recent statistics show that 11 women are attacked each month after taking an unlicensed minicab. 80% of stranger rapes are committed by unlicensed cab drivers.

If the risk of being raped or attacked is there if you get into an unlicensed taxi, why do people do it?

Most of the unlicensed taxis drive through the city centre at times when they know people are going to be coming out of bars and clubs in vulnerable states. A common reason why women take unlicensed taxis is because they believe that getting into a taxi is less dangerous than walking home on their own in the dark. However, getting into an illegal cab is actually just as dangerous, if not more dangerous than walking home alone.

There are so many newspaper articles online about women being attacked in unlicensed taxis. I was reading one about a 21-year-old woman who was taken to a flat and raped after getting into what she believed was a taxi in Ipswich. This type of incident can be so easily avoided if women were made more aware of how dangerous it can be if they get into a taxi that is illegal.

Even if you call up a taxi company and order a taxi to pick you up at a certain time, you need to make sure that you get all of the taxi information beforehand so you don't get into the wrong car. Always look for the cab license plate number, phone number printed on the side, and discs in the front and back windows to see if it the minicab that you ordered. If you didn’t order one, don’t get in it; even if it is a licensed minicab.

Female only taxi company:

If you are nervous about getting into a taxi on your own with a male driver, why not order a taxi from a women only taxi company? Three great ones that I found online are: Pink Ladies and London Lady Chauffeurs and Lady Mini Cabs

I don't know why more women don't create this kind of great service!

When you are next out on a big drunken night or if your daughter is out for the night try and make sure you pre-order a licensed taxi. Keep your wits about you when you are offered a lift home by someone who looks like they are a cab driver, because usually they are not legal.