Driving with the sun in your eyes

July 23rd, 2012 in Car Safety

So the time has come, what we have all been waiting for... THE SUN IS HERE!

We all love the sun when we are able to laze around and sunbathe, however it can be a bit of a nightmare when you are driving long distances in a car without air con and with the sun distractingly blaring into your eyes. I always hate it when I open up my car at the end of the day to drive somewhere and the hot air blasts into my face, the metal seatbelt burns my hand and the steering wheel is too hot to touch.

However much we love this sunny weather we do have to be careful whilst driving as it can be distracting. (Especially when you are driving past good looking people wearing barely any clothes!)

The car's cooling system:

Before the real summer heat arrives, check the cooling system in your car, the cooling system is the car's main defense against overheating. Make sure your car's radiator is flushed and re-filled with the correct amount of anti-freeze. (50% anti-freeze 50% water)

Dry Eyes:

If you sometimes get dry eyes and you are lucky enough to have air conditioning in your car, try not to have it blowing directly into your face as this can make dry eyes worse. Having dry eyes can cause irritation which can cause your eyes to water; all of this can be extremely distracting when you are driving.

I have always found that when I am driving in the sun I can't see where I am going if I am not wearing sun glasses, the glare of the sun is very distracting and I find it hard to keep my eyes open if I am directly in front of it. When you see the sun and you are going for a drive it is a really good idea to take sun glasses with you. I even keep a spare pair of cheap sunglasses in my car, as with this English weather I never know when the sun is going to pop out.

An article in the Telegraph, written in 2010, stated The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) highlighted Government figures that reveal glare from the sun was a cause of 2,684 injury crashes in 2009, as many as headlamp dazzle and bad weather combined.

Enjoy the sun whilst it is here, but if you are driving just be careful and remember the sun can be as dangerous as rain, snow and fog.