How to kill time whilst getting your car fixed

July 18th, 2012 in Interesting Facts

Before I went on holiday I was parking my car in a space that was definitely big enough to fit my car, however there was a white van parked next to where I wanted to park and there was something sticking out of it that I didn't notice; as I reversed it went straight into my reflector light. All I could hear was a crack and I knew it was going to be something bad. At first when I got out of my car I couldn't see anything, I found another place to park and when I looked a bit harder I saw that the plastic cover for the light under my number plate was cracked. I tried searching online to find out what that part of my car was and how much it would cost to fix but it was proving difficult.

I didn't even know what a reflector was so I had trouble describing what had happened on the phone to my garage when I phoned them. They told me to come to the garage so that they could have a look at it properly. After taking my car to the garage they told me that they had to replace the whole thing even though it was just the plastic cover which was cracked because they don't sell that part separately anymore, luckily they said it wouldn't be too expensive.

They ordered the part for me and today after coming back from Turkey I went to get it replaced. When I got there the garage told me it would take 45 minutes for them to fix the part so they told me to go and grab a coffee and come back when it is done. I went to give the man my car keys and he asked if I would like him to take the key off the key ring so that I didn't break my nails., I was very impressed, how women friendly! I didn't even have my nails painted, but it put a good idea in my head for something to do for 45minutes.

I walked down the high street and saw my local nail bar and a coffee shop, I weighed up the two choices, I could sit in the coffee shop for 45minutes and be a bit bored or I could go and get my nails done and as soon as they are dry my car should be fixed. So that's what I did, I went and got a basic manicure, I had a lovely hand massage and 40 minutes later had newly manicured nails and when I went back to the garage my car's reflector was fixed, perfect timing.

It got me thinking how many things a person could do in 45 minutes or an hour to keep them occupied whilst getting their car fixed. On my local high street I could have probably managed to get a cut and blow dry in the space of 45minutes, I could have grabbed a coffee and sat down to read Fifty Shades of Grey or another great book; or I could have done some shopping. I got my nails done which worked out to be perfect and relaxing.

If you had a 45mins/an hour to spare what would you to do kill the time whilst your car is being fixed?