How to save money on petrol

June 28th, 2012 in Money Saving Tips

Saving money on petrol

Petrol is so expensive these days! I keep thinking back to a few years ago when petrol cost around 80p a litre not like now where it is £1.38 in some places!

For me, driving is so convenient and I use my car on a daily basis which means that I have to fill up with petrol at least once a week. Yes I was one of those people queuing up at the petrol station last March during the panic buying. I was about to go on holiday and was worried that I would come back to empty petrol stations and I knew I needed my car when I was home to drive to work. The AA president Edmund King said "Panic buying in March forced some cash strapped families to spend far more on fuel than their budgets could bear, filling up a 50-litre tank costs more than some families spend on food each week."

So with that in mind, there must be ways we can save petrol and not have to spend so much each week.

Driving economically can really help to reduce your fuel consumption, by using the accelerator smoothly and not pressing your foot down harshly can save fuel. If you can stop pressing down on the accelerator as often and let the car's momentum take you forward, especially when going down hills you will be using a lot less fuel.

When you are driving over speed bumps try to drive smoothly and at a constant speed. Did you know that if you break harshly and then accelerate and then brake again for the next bump that it actually uses a lot more fuel than if you were driving at a constant speed?

In the hot weather it actually increases the fuel consumption when you use the air conditioning in your car for long periods of time. It is better to use the air conditioning in your car when you are driving on the motorway at a constant high speed, rather than using it on short journeys where you will be stopping and starting the car more often.

Plan your journeys so that you can avoid getting lost and driving around in circles wasting petrol.

Also did you know that reversing your car and doing three point turns uses a lot of fuel when the car is cold? When you park your car in a bay, reverse into it so that you are facing forward when you are leaving and don't have to do any reverse manoeuvring.

On top of these tips there is also a map that you can use to see where the cheapest petrol stations are in your area:

If you put your postcode into the system above it will search for the cheapest petrol stations. In my area there was one petrol station that was charging £1.38 p/l and another station close by that was charging £1.28 p/l for unleaded 95.

Big difference! So it is worth shopping around.

Please leave a comment if you have any other fuel saving tips.