Does car colour reflect your personality?

June 17th, 2012 in Interesting Facts

Do red cars get more speeding tickets? 

On Saturday night I was told that apparently if you drive a red car you get pulled over more often and given more speeding tickets than other coloured cars. After being told this information I thought it would be the perfect topic for a blog.

However, after looking this up online there are no actual statistics to prove this piece of information is correct. The urban legend suggests that red cars are pulled over more frequently because red cars catch the eye of police more.

Even though there are no actual statistics to prove that red cars get pulled over more frequently, there are actually some statistics that show black cars are more likely to be involved in accidents.

An article in the Daily Mail written by Fiona Macrae reveals that Black cars are up to 47% more likely to be involved in crashes. Apparently during daylight hours black cars were up to 12 per cent more likely to be in crashes than white vehicles, but at dawn and dusk the figure rose to 47%.

Whilst the fact that red cars get pulled over more might not be true, some studies have been done to show that the colour of your car can reflect your personality.

Colburn Group Insurance of Troy, Mich., cited a 2009 United Kingdom study suggesting that the colour of your car speaks volumes about your outlook on life and even your driving style. 

For a bit of fun, findings show that:

Red cars are usually owned by energetic people who are fast talkers, movers and thinkers. People who are passionate and full of zest, energy and drive.

White cars apparently represent status-seeking extrovert drivers.

Yellow is a very bright colour and it signifies someone who is idealistic and novelty loving.

Black cars might mean that you denote an aggressive personality or you are someone who’s an outsider. However it could also give the impression of professionalism and that you like to be taken seriously.

Green cars can often be purchased by people with hysterical tendencies.

Blue cars are usually owned by reflective cautious drivers.

Silver cars are usually in the possession of cool, calm and possibly aloof drivers.

Cream cars are apparently the least likely to be involved in accidents and are owned by self contained and controlled drivers.

Grey cars are apparently chosen by people who are calm and dedicated to their work.

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