How to find your car if you lose it

June 5th, 2012 in Interesting Facts

What to do if you can't find your car?

Personally, I'm absolutely terrible with directions, especially when driving or being in a car related circumstance. Whether it is finding a location, or finding my car after I have parked it in a specific place, I am just useless.

Today I parked my car on a road about 5 minutes away from Swiss Cottage tube station. Unfortunately I wasn't paying enough attention to where I had parked as I was in rush. When I got out of the station on my way home I realised that all I knew was the road name of where my car was but not actually how to get there. After walking for 10 minutes (the first five in the wrong direction) I finally found my car. This isn't the first time this has happened and it is usually when I park in large car parks where every floor looks the same that I wander around trying to find my car for ages. After arriving back at my car and feeling really stupid I realised that this can't happen again.

I typed "find my car" into the app store on my iPhone and found the perfect way to not lose my car ever again. This free app, the first one that comes up when you type "find my car" into the app store, instantly connects to your current location and when you click set car location the app automatically remembers the location of where you car is parked. When you are looking for your car later on in the day you can open the app and click route to my car where it will then give you directions to your vehicle.

You can even take a photo of where you park and your surroundings so you have no way of losing your car. Obviously not everyone has an iPhone where they can download this amazing free app so there are other ways to find your car without technology. If you are the type of person who loses their car regularly, maybe because you are in a rush when you park, you might be on the phone or just not paying enough attention. You could use some of the following tips and hopefully you won't find yourself walking around in circles trying to locate your vehicle anymore.

If you park near a distinctive landmark, maybe next to a particular shop, or near a sign post it might help you remember where your car is when you are looking for it. By concentrating on your surroundings i.e. if you are parked near a tall building or a row of shops, you can hopefully easily identify them and it will help trigger your memory.

Car Parks

If you are in a car park write down what row you parked in or if you don't write it down say it out loud a few times, it could help to remind you. You could also take a photo of where you parked and any landmarks nearby.

I hope these few tips will be useful; I would really recommend downloading the free app for the iPhone or a similar one to help you out when you park your car. Having a direct route back to your vehicle is amazing and it means there will be less chance of losing your car and wasting time walking back and forth trying to find it!

If you have any other suggestions please leave a comment below!