How to avoid getting pulled over by the police:

May 29th, 2012 in Car Safety

Do you know how many reasons there are for police to pull you over whilst you are driving?

It is important to know all of the reasons why a police officer could pull you over so you can avoid it from happening. You can get pulled over for a number of reasons from speeding, to being prosecuted for having an empty wiper washer bottle.

The most common offence in which people are pulled over is speeding; everyone does it, but it does depend on how much over the limit you are, as to whether or not you are committing an offence.
In the UK there is a guideline that 10% of the speed limit+ 2mph is the maximum speed over the limit you can be before you can be pulled over. So if the speed limit is 30mph you can get pulled over and charged at 35mph. However you need to bear in mind that a police office can still pull you over if you are going over the limit but under 35mph.

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Most police forces in England and Wales have now adopted a new speeding limit guideline. A driver can pay to do a speed awareness course instead of being given a fine and points on their license. Each police force sets their own criteria as to who is offered the course but it is usually if the driver is caught doing 10% above the speed limit plus 6-mph. You also have to be invited to do the course and that is the only way you can get onto it and avoid a fine and points on your license.

Another way of avoiding a big fine is to regularly check your tyres to make sure that they have the legal tyre thread depth and the correct tyre pressure. Did you know that you can get a £2500 fine and 3 penalty points PER TYRE if you are driving with worn tyre treads? The legal UK limit for minimum depth of the tread on your tyres is 1.6mm. It is safer to get your tyres changed before it reaches the legal limit; a good time to get them changed is around the time that they reach 3mm.
If you want to avoid a large fine remember to renew your tax disc (Vehicle license). If you use and keep your vehicle on a public road it has to be taxed. If you have a false declaration saying that your car has been taxed when it hasn't, you can end up having a fine of £5,000 and two years in prison. If you don't renew your tax disc you can receive a fine of 1,000.
If you don't get your car insured or if someone drives your car uninsured you could be issued with a fixed penalty notice which can offer a fine of £100. You could also have your vehicle clamped, destroyed or impounded and you could face a court prosecution with a possible maximum fine of £1000. If you allow someone to drive your car uninsured it is completely down to you and you as the driver are to blame, even if you thought they were insured.

How to avoid getting 3 points on your licence:

By not:

� Speeding
� Insufficient tyre treads
� Defective steering
� Defective Brakes
� Stopping a vehicle on a zebra crossing
� Stopping a vehicle on a motorway carriageway
� Reversing on the motorway
� Failure to comply with traffic lights
� Failure to comply with a stop sign
� If your tyres are over inflated or under inflated
� If you have an insecure load

It is also an offence to not have our mirrors, exhaust system, tyres, brakes, steering, lights, seatbelts, silencer, empty windscreen wipers/washers and demisters in order.
There are quite a few more reasons why you could be pulled over by the police but these are the majority of them. If you want to find out more you can search on Google for reasons why you can be pulled over by the police.

If you can think of any other reasons why you can be pulled over then please leave a comment.