Why women love motorcycles

May 18th, 2012 in Car Safety

Benefits of motorcycles

I personally have never driven a motorcycle before, but I have been on the back of one and I remember feeling a huge adrenaline rush and a massive sense of excitement. I also get incredibly jealous of people who are riding their motorcycles, in and out of standstill traffic on the motorway because they don't have to wait in the long queues.

After reading a few articles online it appears that women ride motorcycles because it brings a sense of confidence, adventure and freedom.
The freedom or motorcycle riding also comes with dangers, so if anyone is planning on buying a motorbike because of the pros, it is important to be aware of the dangers. There is a significant need for balance when riding a motorcycle, whereas a car is balanced on four wheels, a bike is only on two. There are many obstacles that can cause the rider to lose balance whilst on a bike.

Also being a smaller size a motorcycle is able to navigate around larger vehicles, when we are jealously watching cyclists manoeuvre in and out of our cars, it isn't actually a safe thing for them to be doing. Motorcyclists that try to overtake another vehicle from the outside or between traffic lanes are especially responsible for causing accidents.

Dangers of motorcycles

The most dangerous aspect of motorcycle riding is the lack of protection. Cyclists can obtain serious injuries because they are more exposed. If you have an accident in a car, the exterior of the car is exposed and usually protects the driver. However, with motorcycles it would be the person who experiences the full impact of the accident.

It is so important for motorcyclists to be aware of the dangers and be aware of the breakdown covers that are available to them.
The AA does a fantastic breakdown cover for motorcycles. On their website is states that there are around three million motorcycle license holders in the UK but unfortunately the number and cost of accidents with bikes is going up.

With the AA Breakdown cover you can call out for 24/7 repairs at the roadside, recovery to a local garage if the bike can't be fixed and support in the event of an accident.