Statistics show that women are safer drivers than men

May 15th, 2012 in Car Safety

Women are safer drivers according to statistics 

After reading a very interesting article and men and women drivers I thought I would write my next blog on how women drivers are actually safer than male drivers.

Whenever I am around men so much of their banter is about how bad women are at driving, this really annoys me, just because women are stereotyped to be bad drivers, it doesn't actually mean that they are.
I personally believe that I am a very safe driver, I drive at the speed limit and I am aware of any hazards that could happen. The one thing that I openly admit that I am bad at is directions. I never know where I am going and I always get lost. That doesn't make me a bad driver though. When I am in cars with male drivers I am usually terrified, so many of my male friends drive over the speed limit, they go through red lights, they do 3 point turns in the middle of roads with on-coming cars and they are aggressive. I get quite bad motion sickness and it is always when I am in cars with male drivers that I feel nauseous, I rarely get motion sickness when I am in the car with a woman driver.

I was reading a few different statistics online and one insurance company AAMI came across some interesting answers from 2,000 drivers both male and female.
The answers from the survey concluded that 55% of men drink drive, compared with 30% of women. 47% of men have rudely gestured at other drivers, compared with 38% of women. 84% of men have been distracted by billboards while driving, compared with 40% of women. 46% of men admitted to verbally abusing another driver, compared with 36% of women.22% of men said that they use their mobile phones without hands free compared to 15% of women. This doesn't look too great for male drivers.

The article I was reading went on to say that their claim's data showed that men's crashes seemed to be more serious than women's, men are more likely to be involved with head- on collisions, roll-overs and loss of control crashes.
Another article I read said that men are 3.4 times more likely than women to get a ticket for reckless driving and 3.1 times as likely to be cited for drunk driving.

An article in Cosmopolitan on 10 things women do better than men said that women survive car accidents more than men do. Apparently men are 77% more likely to die in a car accident than women, according to a study done by Carnegie Mellon University.
An article in the LAWEEKLY said that in New York 80% of serious injury accidents involve men and that female drivers are 27% less likely to be found at fault in accidents.
I also read in The Telegraph that women are better at parking than men! Apparently covert surveillance of car parks across Britain showed that women are better at manoeuvring into spaces. The article explained that while women may take longer to park, they are more likely to leave their vehicles in the middle of a bay. Women were also found to be better at finding spaces, more accurate in lining themselves up before each manoeuvre and more likely to adopt the instructors preferred method of reversing into bays.

It is quite funny actually because even when I typed into Google "Men are better drivers than women UK statistics" the first article that came up was under the title "More evidence that men AREN'T better drivers than women." So even when I was trying to find statistics to prove that women aren't better drivers, barely any evidence was coming up to show it.

So to all the men out there, who constantly stereotype women and say that men are better drivers, watch what you say because the majority of statistics prove that actually women are safer drivers!
Here are the articles that I got my statistics from and if you want to search yourself on Google, it will come up with even more reasons why women are better drivers:

Keep driving safely girls, let's keep these statistics accurate.