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MyCarGossip is the market leader for online automotive listings aimed at the female market.

MyCarGossip is a free membership motoring website where you can rate, review and recommend all types of motoring businesses as to how reliable, trustworthy and female friendly they are. There are over 16 million female drivers in the UK and every woman that we have spoken to has either had a really good or a really bad car experience. The problem that we are solving is to stop women from feeling intimidated when they get their cars fixed in what is still a male dominated environment and to give them enough knowledge and confidence to know that they are paying the correct prices. We call this “MyCarGossip” and we love to hear your views, so we can all help each other as part of our rapidly growing community!

The MyCarGossip Story:

Our founder, Charlotte Leuw had the idea for MyCarGossip when she had a bad experience as a young driver with a car and a very flat tyre. She couldn’t get to her trustworthy local garage because they were closed for the evening; she desperately needed her car for work the following day. So she went to another garage that she hadn’t used before and the mechanic told Charlotte that not only was one of her tyres flat but another one was under the legal minimum tread depth and needed to be changed straight away.  Being a young driver with a lack of car knowledge she had no idea what that meant so agreed to change the other tyre as well. The next day she called her local garage to ask why they hadn’t told her during her MOT and service a few weeks earlier that her tyre was below the legal minimum tread depth. Her local garage told her that her tyre tread depth was fine and the tyre didn’t need to be changed.  She’d been scammed….

Charlotte was so angry with herself for not having enough knowledge about her car as she drove every day and completely relied on it. She knew that she needed to teach herself about cars so that this situation didn’t happen again. She began to write a blog about cars which she published online and soon noticed that she was getting a lot of interest. Charlotte then realised that there was no website in the UK that provided a place for women to discuss their motoring experiences; to ask car related questions and to become more knowledgeable about cars in a female friendly way. So Charlotte designed with some help from a friendly web developer.

What MyCarGossip does:

Our website is primarily female focused but does not stop men from using it, we provide many articles from motoring websites that can offer useful information to both genders. Our website still includes Charlotte’s original car advice blog that we update regularly. We now have relationships with dealers from most of the major motor manufacturers, as well as insurers, tyre companies and many more. We only work with services that can demonstrate to us that they treat their male and female customers equally.

MyCarGossip's motto is "knowledge is power." Our ambition is to encourage women all over the world to rate, review and recommend their local motoring services as to how trustworthy, reliable and women friendly they are. Hopefully in time women everywhere will be able to sort out their car related problems by themselves with confidence.

Where We Are Now:

The success and popularity of MyCarGossip opened Charlotte’s eyes to the world of vehicle acquisition; experience in the automotive industry helped her to build up her contacts and gain a true understanding of what women actually want when it comes to securing their next deal!

Charlotte has worked closely with Debbie Mountford – otherwise known as Motor Mistress – to bring a series of Best Family Car reviews and the feedback from this has been that ladies want an online portal where whatever leasing information they need is right at there at their fingertips.

No messing about, no pushy salespeople, and no haggling or trawling from dealership to dealership to get the best deal.

Female Friendly; Not Male Exclusive

Although is primarily female focused, it shouldn’t stop men from using it – the leasing deals on our new contract hire, finance and lease quotation tool will be competitive no matter what gender our website visitors are!

Now, it’s time to put the leasing world to rights and give everyone the hassle free quotation process and competitive car leasing deal that they deserve.

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